Kirby Simmons as a boy in a superman costume.

Kirby Simmons

Software Engineer

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TekSystems - John Deere Contractor

Currently at John Deere, I help develop test driven planning software for farm managers in Germany with Agile. I also manage the deployment of applications that my team owns.


Work Manager was primarily the application that I worked on. For the front-end we used react/redux, and used babel/webpack to bundle our code. For the backend we used node.js with the hapi.js framework. All our code was test driven using mocha.

There was also a couple java spring microservices that I worked on. This is where I got to learn a lot about cloud infrastructure by learning how to deploy the microservice to AWS ECS and AWS ELB. We used Terraform to manage the deployment of the infrastructure.

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Powell Guitar

Aaron Powell was one of my first clients as a freelancer while I was still in college. This project taught me what it was like to work with a client and the certain demands that are associated with it.


PowellGuitar is a website that is made with WordPress so that Aaron can still manage the content on the site. I worked with a pre-made theme and edited the HTML and CSS inside the theme to meet Aaron's needs.

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